Wednesday 7 October 2015


IN South Africa, 12th Grade is referred to as Matric. Friday, last week, was my Matric Dance - or graduation ball. I have a ton of beautiful photos from the pre-drinks that were taken by our photographer Derryn Schmidt  which will probably collect digital dust soon. So to refrain from bombarding my instagram with only "MD" photos - i have chosen my much neglected platform - this blog - to share them.

Our ride (The Pig) was this amazing AMAZING vintage nineteen forty something Ford pick up truck that Alex arranged for us (thank you x100000), unfortunately, the truck didn't make it to the actual dance and broke down just outside the hotel *cries*- but we managed to hitch a ride with some friends so all was ok!

Before you scroll down to the photographs i'd just like to say that it was the most perfect and eventful night i could've ever imagined, and also... i'm really photo awkward and my face is either "bitch where's my food" or literally this :D (with added chins) 

oh. and my amazing date Alex made me a KFC chicken nugget corsage. and yes. we ate it by the end of the night.

Photos by Derryn Schmidt | Dress designed by yours truly and made by Tarynella


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