Monday, 15 June 2015

Whilst i've never been a good caretaker of my pets (cue to the time when i drowned my goldfish) or of anything for that particular fact, but for some reason i've managed to keep all my plants alive and looking somewhat attractive for a long while -save for my basil bush that got mauled by monkeys #africaproblems. with that been said, imma let you in on a secret:
plants are not hard to keep alive.

In this post i'll show you two of my plants that i think are essential for every house/bedroom/dorm/office etc. and are the easiest to take care of.

 Meet Oliver, he's a pincushion cactus

SUCCULENTS or cacti, are what everyone call 'the beginner plants', which is true, as they require little attention, but, note, this does NOT mean no attention! Succulents are very easy to look after and can last for years if you just remember to water them.


SOIL - succulents usually require quite sandy soil, so anything like 50/50 sand/soil will do. 

LIGHT - think desert conditions... i guess, so bright and dry areas.

WATERING - they can go months on end without water, but i recommend once every month, but if it's turning brown it means it's rotting which means you've probably over watered, so the fix is to just leave it to dry in a high light area or change the damp soil.

Meet Nigel, he's an areca palm

LEAFY plants are the best as indoor plants, they filter the air of pollutants and provide plenty of oxygen. An important lesson i learnt with Nigel is that grocery stores don't always pot their plants properly - the first month i had Nigel, all the 'stems' were falling all over the place, he was not growing upward and altogether like in the images above, on top of that, the leaves started getting super soft and brown.
The rehab? i re-potted him in compost soil and and tied all the 'stems' together gently with some twine, i let him sit out in bright light and watered him every two days for a week and voila, now he looks beautiful.
Basically the lesson here is; if you're plant is dying even if you're taking good care of it - change the soil!


SOIL: Compost soil has been working best for mine.

LIGHT: Bright but NOT direct sunlight - if your house is not too bright, put your plant outside every two days or so for half the day

WATERING: Nigel is quite big, so i use one cup of water every time the soil is dry (once a week) 

And that wraps up about the basics of plant parenthood, so just remember the three factors: 
soil, light, water.