Friday 7 August 2015


Producing any form of creative content and putting it out there takes a certain amount of courage - i say this because when your whole soul and heart's work is put out there for an audience, it is also out there for any criticism... wanted or unwanted.

For one of my final art pieces, i decided to go for a medium that is not often used - film (as in movie), instead of creating something generic or something that evokes an "aww" factor, i opted for something a little more conceptual, to portray a message that was important to me.

The details in the film are all to give a certain amount of ambiguity and/or confusion to the viewer ergo what was really important for me was the idea of having the viewer interpret the film in any way they see fit. 

That being said, this is my interpretation:
As children, we are able to have and believe in dreams that go over our horizons, but as we grow older we realize that these dreams are often easier said than done, so we give up, and move on. The astronaut on the other hand explores and discovers, although running into small obstacles on the way he carries on only to wake up from his 'dream' to which he responds to by he living it again and again and never giving up on it.

The film was shot over three afternoons with the help of Christian, who not only played the astronaut but was extremely patient and drove from location to location. Thank you.


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