Monday 2 November 2015


EVER since moving into a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom - i could spend a whole week cooped up in it, the only thing stopping me from doing that, is that the kitchen is upstairs.

Anyway, let's chat about next year.

Granted that i do well in these final examinations, i've planned to study architectural design in Cape Town. My interest in architectural design has henceforth made me very concerned with the aesthetics and what is necessary of a living space. So it's no surprise that my bedroom is something that i take extreme care in, not only decorating but also making it as functional as possible.

When placing your desk - think about what is going to be on top of it the most - my case, it's my laptop - with that in mind, think about where to place your desk - i placed mine against my bed so i could have my charging cables run from under the bed. This way all them extension chords and shizz are "hidden"
I hate having non-functional stuff on places that i work on - so i try to leave it to the bare minimum but still try having it look at it's best: i use books that i currently read as a decorative piece and also a plant 'stand'. this african clay bowl keeps the stuff 'that you know you don't need now but might later'... that kinda stuff
My whole room evolves around my bed. picking out your duvet cover is extremely important - if possible always try choose 100% cotton and remember - high quality lasts. For my covers, i cycle through two different covers - a winter quilt one and a summer one (pictured above). Linen is a fabric that i find very timeless and gives anything a more 'rustic' look - for the throw i contrasted the beige with a dark textured wool.

I love keeping my bed minimal as late nights are something that is frequent, so often i don't want to go through the mission of removing continental pillows, cushions, teddy bears etc. before going to bed - i opted to keep it simple with only two pillows, if your pillows are 'puffy' enough you only really need two. 

Those framed photographs are from my final art series and they were super cheap to produce, i never actually have them leaning  like that, as it is very dangerous.. but you know.. do it for the blog.
My floating shelf and tree stump bedside table are possibly my favorite features in my room - we resourced the tree stump from a tree that fell (keepin' it real) - removed the bark, sprayed insecticide, sanded it, and filled any 'dangerous' cracks with silicon (although i recommend resin as it sets solid whereas silicon is soft)

The shelf stores some books i've read (the ones that are more aesthetically pleasing) and ones that i've yet to read. To give my room a little 'humor' (very dry humor), i framed an anti-Russia and USA Chinese propaganda poster i printed off the net, to freak out my friends.
The last tip i have for you guys, is to keep some leafy plants in your bedroom, not only does it purify the air but it really spruces up a room. Some plants really thrive in moist areas, remember Nigel? He now lives in my bathroom and has never been so green and... luscious *says with slow french accent*


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