Friday 24 February 2017


If i turn back the clock to 5 years ago; i started what could've been an exponentially successful fashion slash art slash photography slash lifestyle slash your typical 15 year old internet savvy teen blog. 

but it wasn't exponentially successful.

Throughout my high school life i was known by my teachers, friends and family to be the ultimate procrastinator - but then came first year of university... and nothing has changed. My procrastination was not subject to my academics but extended into to my daily life.
Nonetheless i did well in school, but what i have noticed now is that i did not do well in my hobbies and passion, as a matter of fact, i did nothing in those departments - i neglected these passions by making up excuses, they ranged from your typical "not today" and the "if only i..." but deep down i knew i had every ability to create new content, but i didn't, instead i occupied my time with an unhealthy lifestyle and things that rewarded instant gratification. 

and the byproduct of it all?


I can defend my younger self by blaming part of my procrastination on lack of self confidence and self esteem - but how do you break free from those stigmas if you hold yourself back? I'll tell you that age and maturity did it for me, but through that process i lost time. This year i turn 20, adulthood is lurking around the corner and i look back at my teen years and i can't say i've accomplished much. 

Although i don't have an answer as how to achieve exponential success, i can say this:
To the young creatives that are reading this; your time is now and every tomorrow - there'll always be criticism, but the only critique that should matter is the one that comes from yourself. And to those who are in the same boat as me; the message stays the same.

I'll conclude this post with a jpeg vomit of trip to Tawian during New Years and a link to a Ted talk by Tim Urban.

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