Friday, 16 January 2015


Summer vacation hasn't ended yet and i'm already feeling that post-summer-depression seeping in. trust me. it's possible. Ask any South African and they'll tell you that Cape Town is like a country itself, it's vibrance and colour will never cease to amaze me every time i visit (not to mention the copious amount of attractive men and women alike)  
In the video is just a "tip of the iceberg" of things Cape Town has to offer. And honestly, this is when i say, some places, you just have to see with your own eyes, and Cape Town is most definitely one of those places.


  1. These photos are so beautiful and I am in love with your video diary!

  2. best video ever omg so amazingly edited ahhh

  3. How I miss being in Cape Town already! Ugh, I wanna go back now looking at your pictures :)

  4. LOVE YOUR VIDEO JESS. A+. Looks like so much fun! I just came back from a trip to two other areas of Australia I haven't been to before and am yet to sort through my videos and photos... SO MUCH TO DO.

  5. This is such an awesome video! What did you use to capture these moments? And would you ever consider making a post on tips for making video travel diaries? xx

    1. Thank you! The camera I use is a Sony SLT-A77, if more people would like tips I would be more than happy to make a post :) x

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