Sunday 7 December 2014


Not sure if it's a South African mom thing, but moms here in general tend to add an article, namely, 'the' in front of every social media they stumble upon. example:

"Jess, remember to post those photos on THE facebook"
"Are you posting that on THE instagram?" 
 "Can you search where Peter's house is on THE google?"

A day before my last exam i decided to pull a genius procrastination stunt and make a youtube video (cue Jenn Im inspiration), it is my first time making a 'fashion' youtube video, so tell me what you think and if you want more! (thumbs up on the video are greatly appreciated)

So kids, here's the video on THE youtube ;)


  1. Loved all your outfits, especially the green parka and maroon cardigan paired with the striped dress

  2. I'm not fond of fashion youtube videos but I really enjoyed watching yours, I even found myself replaying it so many times! The ten-outfits-one-minute idea is really great, I would definitely want to see more of these in the future. I also love how you edited it, it looked very fluid, the music is very fitting, and the surprising spurts of humor made it more enjoyable. You were really adorable in the beginning (and the end too!). My favorites has got to be outfit two and four. I just subscribed on THE youtube so hopefully I'll see another video soon! xx


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